Trisha P.

I have been struggling with controlling my patience these past few months. This is the reason why I tend to be more snappy and moody. It became hard for me to talk to other people without getting easily annoyed or mad and that actually caused a lot of people to be aloof toward me. That only made the situation worse since I grew more stressed because of it and I know the problem was really myself. Because of that, I tried finding ways to control my emotions more and find the main reason why I’ve been impatient these past few months. When I found this forum, I started posting my inner thoughts and knew that people were having a hard time as well while some simply helped me overcome my own problems. After several months, I felt myself becoming better and I was very thankful for Gus Morais for giving me the opportunity to let out my own feelings and problems while reminding me how to control my patience and remind me about the morality I should not forget. I hope more people can be supported and get help from this site the way I did!

Kathleen V.

Hello, Trisha! I feel the same way actually. I’ve had a hard time dealing with my own problems especially when my own anxiety is not helping. It was tough to make people understand me so I tried looking for a different way to let out my feelings. I saw this site and I was actually fascinated by the way they remind me of morals yet I have the chance to share my story with other people. I did that for months until I finally found my inner peace after what felt like years. It’s hard dealing with myself but through other people, I found understanding and I was more than grateful for that.