Hello, I’ve wanted to share my inner thoughts on this website. However, I have a question in my mind. Do I have to create an account just to post on the forum or share my stories with you so it could be posted?

Hi, thank you so much for sending us your question. If you want to share your own stories and thoughts through the forum, yes, you have to create an account but you can remain anonymous even if you do. We can keep your personal information hidden while letting you access an account that can be anonymous. It will be the same when you will post your stories on the blog. However, you may also just send us your story (especially long ones) through email and we can be the one to post it for you.

If I post on the forum, can my identity be hidden?

Yes, you may remain anonymous even if you create an account and post on the forum. Once you have your own profile, any personal information won’t be shared with the public except for your name, which you can choose to change so you could be still anonymous to other people.

Do you still post quotations or moral lessons on your website up until now?

Yes, we still do post life and moral lessons as well as quotations for daily reminders. It has been used for the past years and people tend to love the way we post them so we kept doing it up until now…

Can I be notified when you have your posts on Gus Morais? If yes, how?

Yes, you can be notified whenever we have new updates. If you have an account on our site, it will be easier to send you emails about the updates but if you don’t, you can just provide your email address so we could also send you messages.!