About Us

Gus Morais is derived from the Corsican word “Gusmorai” which means “resurrect” and the Portuguese word “Morais” which means “moral’. We combined these words together for the desire to put new meaning and say that we try to resurrect morality. The website Gus Morais was then created years ago by a group of people, particularly counselors and others who wanted to remind people about morals. We all know how much morality is important to humanity and without it, humanity will be put to waste. No matter what happens, it is always a necessity to remind ourselves how we need to act in our everyday lives.

But how did we think of ways to do just that and give purpose to our website?

First of all, we thought thoroughly about how we could just provide what we wanted to give. Many ideas came to our minds but what we thought would be better is if we post lessons about morality and let other people have the chance to read it. That way, anyone can understand the lessons by themselves especially when we share some real-life stories and let others know the lessons behind it all too. Not too long after that, some people requested to share their own experiences that they think might be helpful to underscore the importance of morality.

Years after that, the website started letting other people share their own stories and let them pick up lessons from it and of course, reflect by themselves. We also let them share their emotions and thoughts through the forum since we know that it may be hard for other people to open up personally. Now through Gus Morais, they are free to let go of their own thoughts and emotions without anyone judging them. It could help anyone to have peace of mind and resolve their problems through reflections.