Moral Resurrection

Looking for an online website you can visit every day for simple quotations, life lessons, or daily reminders on morality and humanism?

Have you been dealing with a lot of struggles lately and need a place to pour your heart out? Well, I was having a trouble lately and I found a website I can trust, put all my emotions to, share my own experiences, and learn about other people’s life experiences as well. There will be situations in life that will make us forget how to act accordingly or worse, urge us to make decisions we will regret or lead us to more problems. Facing struggles like these have made me irrational and stubborn and I completely forgot how to act in these situations that I tend to hurt others around me.

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Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Going through this phase of life

I realized that people will sometimes forget morality when dealing and facing hardships in life. But then, through my family and friends that supported me, I was able to get myself back to how I was before and of course, this website I just encountered was a great help for me too. Instead of letting out my emotions at home alone or sulking every day even while tinkering with my garage door in Phoenix, I finally managed to try to find other ways to face my problems and my overflowing emotions.

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We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

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Moral Resurrection

Social Peace

I know that if I keep it all to myself, I will lash out or struggle more about expressing myself because of all the problems that came with my life.

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Moral Resurrection

Peace of Mind

However, talking to the people around me was not the first option on my mind since I am a person who finds it hard to express emotions and thoughts.

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Moral Resurrection

Join our Society

So instead of talking, I searched for a place online, a place where I could keep myself busy, a place where I could calm myself, and probably learn something to find a way to deal with my problems.

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Timothy Powell

Creative Director

Lisa R. Boone


our Founder

Gus Morais

I encountered Gus Morais, a website that welcomes anyone. Actually, this website originally posts moral lessons which are needed for everyday life. As a person, we must know how to act morally and due to my situation, I tend to keep myself reminded of morals.

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we love them

what our clients have to say

That is why, I found this website really helpful since they just don’t give lessons, but they also let others share their own experiences and let people learn through real-life events. Through forums, they managed to give all the users from different places the opportunity to express their own emotions too so that others can give advice or simply empathize with them.
Sophie LeonardTeacher
Sophie Leonard

What we Do

They Believe In Us

This website is perfect whenever you want to ask for people’s help. What’s more fascinating is that I saw some counselors or psychologists helping other people through this website too.

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Simple encouragement and advice

Can help one another and through Gus Morais, there’s a lot of people like me who found peace of mind and ways to reflect one’s self. I found myself calm after expressing myself and sharing my thoughts and emotions on this site anonymously, I know others will find it helpful as well.

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