Within the an anger, the fresh Representative throws their desk and you will engages Shepard and you will Liara during the combat

Within the an anger, the fresh Representative throws their desk and you will engages Shepard and you will Liara during the combat

When they eventually reach the Shadow Broker’s office, it realize that the latest Agent is simply a great yahg, a types that will be productive outcasts on the universe. New Representative gloats from the Liara’s cluelessness, but she demonstrates otherwise of the deducing the yahg’s lowly roots as the first Trace Broker’s “trophy” otherwise “pet”.

Once a prolonged fight, inside the a coordinated effort, Shepard distracts the new Representative whenever you are Liara reduces the fresh new liquid one to is actually contained in the threshold on the Shade Agent. The latest liquid grounds the Broker’s hindrance in order to dysfunction, and he dies in the subsequent rush.

Due to the fact group look for by themselves up, the power goes out temporarily, allowing Feron to escape to make some slack into airlock. Throughout the Broker’s workplace, brand new Shade Broker’s agencies initiate asking about the disturbance from the code. Liara treks out over the fresh new bulk out of computer banking companies, and you can after a couple of seconds, responds towards the representatives.

Throughout the Shadow Broker’s forcibly-altered voice, Liara fabricates a story one to power sought out temporarily after they have been upgrading knowledge. While this is going on, Feron storms for the place of work, brandishing their weapon, but reduces they when he sees what’s going on. Feron and you may Shepard inquire if this is exactly what Liara desires, and she’s yes. Feron renders to check on the benefit systems making Shepard and you can Liara by yourself.

Liara assumes on the position of Shadow Agent, together with his minions none the fresh new wiser, and you will guarantees Shepard that she will change the business to. She including states she will be able to give Shepard that have more information now due to the Broker’s detailed networks. She vows to make use of the fresh Broker’s resources once and for all; to simply help Shepard combat new Reapers.

Afterwards, Shepard normally inquire Liara whether or not she ever setup a connection which have Feron, however, Liara ensures Shepard that she and Feron is “only members of the family” which Shepard caused it to be clear to help you Feron that she is, given that individuals state, “removed

She and Feron stay on the brand new Trace Broker Legs ship. Liara allows Shepard depart towards the promise that they may come back anytime. Shepard also can invite Liara agreeable the new Normandy having a tour of your own vessel and also to catch up. If the Shepard refuses to keeps Liara already been on board this new Normandy, she unfortuitously welcomes new refusal. When walking out she concludes to look at the fresh Chief, just to feel the Frontrunner maybe not return the fresh new look.


Into the Shade Representative goal, Shepard has a chance to make an effort to face Liara regarding their matchmaking ahead of boarding the latest Shadow Broker’s motorboat while saying bitterness out of Liara for making use of the fresh Chief to assist discover the Shadow Broker. Liara reacts you to definitely she cannot “undo a couple of years off mourning.”

Following the yahg Broker’s overcome and you can Liara’s takeover out of his job, Shepard questions whether or not here is what she desires. Liara starts enumerating the methods one this lady the updates will benefit Shepard but blasts to your rips after, unbelieving one to the woman two year quest for vengeance is more than. If the Shepard chooses to kiss Liara, Shepard reassures this lady plus they gently hug however, Liara closes small. Liara means it and their matchmaking provides changed along the several ages, however, if Shepard interrupts the lady prior to she concludes, the fresh new Leader intimately holds their and additionally they hug deeply.

” Alternatively, in the event that Shepard opts not to use the kiss, she teasingly asks when the Shepard are envious and you may shows that the latest Frontrunner “do something about they.” Liara misses Shepard but she doesn’t want to place stress on the fresh Leader.

Shepard has got the option of merely becoming family or being on it once more. Long lasting choices, Shepard invites Liara having a drink on Normandy. Back into Shepard’s cabin to the Normandy, Liara comments with the Normandy and you can states taking on Joker. In the event the Shepard are a masculine along with a relationship that have Liara, Liara says you to Joker questioned their to list people components of the fresh new talk on the Leader where the lady eyes accomplish that “naughty black colored eternity topic”. If Shepard are a female, Liara relays Joker’s need for whether or not the several carry out end up being “acting-out views out of an excellent vid entitled Vaenia.”