step 10 how to become a much better cougar huntsman

step 10 how to become a much better cougar huntsman

Oregon’s populace of about six,100 cougars occupies a wide variety of environment across the state, offering per year-round, readily-obtainable browse options.

Its nocturnal models and you can stealthy profile make cougars a challenging huge games creature so you can search. ODFW creatures specialist Scott Napoli in the White Lake Wildlife City and you can biologist Herman Biederbeck regarding north Shore provide these suggestions so you’re able to assemble far more cougars.


Abandon the latest schedule. Winter, shortly after almost every other huge online game year keeps finalized, is an excellent for you personally to search cougar. Moist, arctic ground causes it to be better to song cougar. Including deer and elk begin to concentrate from inside the straight down elevation section, to be major attractions in order to starving cougars.


  • Just before your quest, spend your time worldwide scouting for cougar the same way an elk huntsman scouts getting elk.
  • To obtain cougar signal including songs (be sure to understand what a beneficial cougar track looks like), eliminates websites (cougars protection their destroy and you can come back to it later) and also smell markers (a scratch regarding leaves and you may twigs that cougars use to mark the territories with pee and poo).
  • File everything come across toward a chart otherwise GPS. As you start to gather investigation, you might start viewing activities in how a great cougar travel in the the territory.

step three

Set-up path adult cams to your ridgelines and you will online game tracks observe what are you doing when you are perhaps not here. Even better, run canyon parts, where kittens desire to waste time.


Explore good quality calls. Predator getting in touch with is the better choice for concentrating on cougars being successful. But be ready to purchase a telephone call. Believe the source of the new tunes he could be tape and the standard of brand new electronic playback.

Cannot overlook playing with pet phone calls. Cougars are particularly territorial consequently they are planning to read the the voice of some other cat within region.


Telephone call long and difficult. Name lengthened to have pets – 45 times away from carried on getting in touch with or higher. 20 minutes or so off calling occasionally can get work with specific predators instance coyote, but it’s not how to call cougar.


Telephone call securely. Kitties was silent and you will stealthy – you don’t wish you to definitely coming on your when you are contacting. Here are a couple regarding strategies to remain secure and safe.

  • Label while seated right back-to-back with a buddy. You will have a beneficial 360 knowledge examine around you and you will be in a position to get converts getting in touch with because noisy and you may a lot of time as you is also.
  • Developed with your to something similar to a tall canyon wall that can continue an effective cougar off sneaking upwards at the rear of your.
  • Remain still, especially when using throat calls. Moving might cause a good cougar to believe you are the brand new sufferer.


Believe a relocation . Put one-up and begin getting in touch with at a murder web site or canyon access and see having cougar.


  • Be hushed. When you arrived at their bing search webpages, act as since the stealthy while the pets you are browse. Don’t slam the automobile doors, keep discussion so you’re able to minimal, walk reduced and you will unofficially on contacting site, etc.
  • Take control of your odor — cougars keeps an enthusiastic feeling of smell. In which you are able to, setup downwind of your own guidance where you expect a good cougar so you’re able to approach, fool around with scent sprays to relieve you and your clothing.
  • Make the most of tone and you may safety while making on your own more difficult to possess a pet observe.


Get ready, even though you commonly always cougar google search. Really cougars have emerged and you will taken by deer and you will elk seekers. Possess an effective cougar mark with so you could employ whenever a beneficial cougar options towards the top of.


Consider cougar for dinner. People have no idea how well cougar animal meat would be, making it worth bringing particular right back band house and you can offering they an attempt. (Even though you are not legitimately required to salvage cougar animal meat.)