Query The fresh Nuwaupians, Who and you will what are the Anunnaqi?

Query The fresh Nuwaupians, Who and you will what are the Anunnaqi?

Malachi York, in keeping with another field pseudo student Zecharia Sitchin, York parrots this new fallacy your “Anunnaqi” try people that “Anu sent to Earth.”

These statements are a verification one York try completely forgotten and you can realized nothing about any of it subject and that misinformed their customers about .qi “those who Anu delivered down out of paradise so you can earth”

New support records for d-a-nun-na, and people for dingir-gal-girl and remaining portion of the said headings are solely defined in the literary messages. They are certainly not said in almost any management records that have to manage for the offerings supplied to some gods. There are even no temples that have been made holy for the Anunna or any other of the various goodness groupings. This proves that people of this veneration of one’s Anunna did not have an enormous effect on society practices.

dingir-a-nuna =NUN, till the plural suffix of private form –ene good-nuna-ke-ne31. Sporadic spellings in the place of god-determinative are available in the new inscriptions away from Gudea having a couple of exceptions. They are also included in messages and that for all of us lie inside the old-Babylonian heritage. But not, that does not locate them when looking at new incantation messages out-of the newest Ur III era, and simply hardly ever during the later on texts. The fresh new spelling danuna, that is native to the outdated-Sumerian orthography, appears twice in the Gudea-inscriptions, and is significantly more common regarding dated-Babylonian transcriptions. This new messages away from later on root are occasionally printed in conformity having young normal version of the fresh Akkadian, dingir-a-nun-na-ki as opposed to d-a-nun-na-ke-(e-) ne da-nun-na-ke

He deal new epithet away from NUN. Their area is also identified with NUNki . Individuals who are mentioned in a vintage invocation named an excellent-nun-na-eriduki…danuna of the area of Lagas? while the danuna of Nippur had been by the the period already attested to help you.

While the father of the Anuna, “An”, Anu during the Akkadian, the highest goodness of your own Sumerian ruling pantheon needed to usually come. A passage on the “Lamentation out of Aruru”, seven of your own captain gods, A keen, Enlil, Ninlil, Enki, Ninmah, Nanna, and you may Utu went along to the female gods.They could maybe not, excite her or him (nu-mu-ni-in-hun-e).

1-11. In those days, in the days when paradise and you can world are built; in those nights, on the nights whenever heaven and you can world are built; when it comes to those age, from the many years in the event that fates have been computed; in the event that Anuna gods had been created; in the event the goddesses was indeed drawn in relationships; if goddesses had been distributed inside eden and you may earth; if the goddesses …… turned into expecting and you may gave birth; if gods were obliged (?) …… their food …… restaurants places; the senior gods oversaw the job, due to the fact minor gods was basically impact the newest toil. The gods was indeed digging the fresh new canals and piling up the silt in ?arali. The gods, smashing brand new clay, first started moaning about it lifestyle.

Anuna ?(Gods, the) seeds/semen of Very first is, suits this new claim that the latest genitive dating need exist

This new Anuna in this or any other Sumerian tablets cannot make use of the title, “Anunnaqi” and there is Zero Sumerian text message bringing up, .qi “people who Anu sent off away from paradise to help you earth”

is the same to possess sky, paradise or deity, Anu and bares it indication. It is used in brand new preposition https://www.datingranking.net/pl/wellhello-recenzja due to the fact an excellent determinative (classifier) prior to divine labels.

Here is the exact same in the case of danuna because it’s an effective divine label. I consulted Sumerologist Dr. John Halloran in which he tells us you to definitely,

To resolve issue, who are the first and you will what is actually their reference to NUN,‘ one is lead to Enki out of Eridu

da-nun-na(-ke4-ne): new gods as a whole; the latest gods of netherworld, when compared to the dnun-gal-e-ne, the nice gods away from paradise.” John Halloran