Men Talk: 6 Items Dudes Care About More Than Appearance

Men Talk: 6 Items Dudes Care About More Than Appearance

There’s even more to the men stereotype than you realize.

Should you decide let me know you are aware a female who is perfect for me, the very first thing I’m attending believe are, “But am I going to getting interested in her?” today hold off. Before you move the vision and sigh because we sounds the same as that stereotypical looks-are-the-only-thing-that-matter type of chap, listen myself down.

Destination isn’t strictly actual; it’s far more than that. Attraction was real, emotional, relational, rational, and maybe also spiritual for many. Positive, a guy wants to getting with some body the guy finds actually appealing, but i believe most of us do. The problem comes when we think some body values our very own appearances significantly more than our character or intelligence or other bigger characteristic.

Today i shall concede the earliest degree of interest that most dudes identify try actual charm. And also this is reasonable. Besides include men generally more visually activated, but this is certainly furthermore the regular purchase of circumstances. Whenever I fulfill anybody new, they generate a visual perception (this can include whatever they don, how they bring on their own, their particular face expressions) before I get the opportunity to talk to them at length, not to mention create a friendship together.

But in the latest society, it could be easy for both men and women to obtain hung-up on styles, particularly in a community that consistently highlights the “perfect muscles” types and concentrates on looks with software like Tinder.

From battles with pornography towards the mistaken proven fact that men consistently wanted sex, i understand the emphasis on the bodily is actually an important fight for men. I understand females furthermore notice over-emphasis on physicality and it can be discouraging in the internet dating arena. Myself, I think that ladies typically have a greater capacity to verbalize what attracts them on a deeper stage. And whenever guys subsequently fail to display exactly what pulls all of them on a deeper level, it is ladies who endure for this.

okay, now onto the good news. Regarding what one is actually seeking in a woman the guy dates, let me tell you that not all men are shallow. Sure, they have been selecting a woman who is attractive—and I’m sure you will find shallow folk around, of both sexes—but we guarantee, there is lots much more to they than looking hot or perhaps not. From a guy’s point of view, there is certainly typically even more to beauty and destination. I inquired six people to mention the qualities they receive more desirable about a lady than how she seems. Here’s whatever they uncovered.


“There’s little more desirable than a character that meshes with your own,” James states. “It’s the very first thing I notice. Just how she holds by herself, just how she behaves around people, does she laugh when she greets your, how she conveys feelings. Individuality is really a funny thing, but i do believe that is precisely what we’re speaing frankly about when we say, “once we fulfilled each other, we simply type of clicked.”

I think James try spot-on. Just about the most important matters in an union just isn’t if you’re both great folks, however if you may be both just the thing for each other, and characteristics takes on big character in this meshing process. The key listed here is becoming your self. Dudes want to see the true woman—who she’s, what she enjoys, just what she is excited about, this lady goals, expectations, concerns, every one of it—because this is the girl they might enter a critical relationship with. Therefore leave your own identity shine—we want to know who you actually are.


“You can’t ‘swipe left’ regarding authentic interest. It’s this that such things as Tinder neglect totally,” Matt claims. “i believe conversation is one of the most underrated expertise these days. Sooner or later each of us bring older, but hopefully we is always able to speak to every single appreciate each other’s conversation. That sort of friendship certainly are the bedrock of any connection together and absolutely won’t be predicated on appearances.”

Couldn’t agree considerably. The skill of good talk is dying, and friendship is key to any connection. Indeed, an effective friend of my own was revealing with me finally period how she understood she wished to marry the woman husband. “No material what age we had gotten or what we looked like, i possibly could always read myself getting family with your,” she mentioned. It absolutely was as easy as that. They know that their capability is on their own around one another and see each other’s company through all the pros and cons regarding union ended up being a significantly further level of interest. This holds true for guys, too.


I’ve generated a habit lately of asking women what their unique perfect people is much like. Even with all the “tall, dark, and handsome” feedback I’ve heard, no reaction is more prevalent than “he really needs good love of life.” I was thinking it was fascinating that this should be such a nice-looking thing for women, but it seems that people promote this want also.

“It’s remarkable just how a woman with outstanding spontaneity can simply place you relaxed,” Dan claims. “If i possibly could offer one tip to females whenever they see a man or take one couple times, it will be to tell you everything see funny—tell us about comedians you would like, something funny that happened to you personally lately, a good YouTube movie a friend provided, something.” Other dudes decided, including that humor is a lot like a “bonding broker” and that it’s just appealing but exceedingly remarkable. What i’m saying is who wouldn’t desire a man to return and determine his pals following the go out, “man she had been super amusing, I can’t waiting observe right here once more?”