Leading star dance club variety states a€?era of clubs is overa€™ in Ireland caused by Tinder dating a€“ perhaps not Covid-19

Leading star dance club variety states a€?era of clubs is overa€™ in Ireland caused by Tinder dating a€“ perhaps not Covid-19

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Additionally the 64-year-old, which hosted famous brands Julia Roberts, Frankie goes toward Hollywood, U2 and Colin Farrell in VIP dance club Renards while the pinkish Elephant for decades, mentioned it has nothing in connection with Covid-19 or personal distancing.

Robbie informed the Irish sunshine: a€?The clubs have ended and they are never returning… I seriously feel the days with the club is over.

a€?Because singles contact one another on Tinder now, then they fulfill in a coffee shop, chances are they go off with each other someplace else.

a€?The fulfilling in a nightclub, where a guy would review and inquire a girl he did not know to dance has ended. There was once 15 nightclubs in Dublin, there tend to be not one.a€?

Renards, The Pink Elephant, Lillie’s Bordello, John Reynolds’ POD on Harcourt Street, U2’s cooking area, not to mention Joys on decrease Baggot road, in which Eamon Dunphy and pal Shane Ross drank into the very early days, are probably the many bars now missing.


He said: a€?I talk to those who you’ll thought will be the best patrons for clubs, nonetheless don’t have any curiosity about going inside one. My nightclubs comprise about folk meeting folk instead dance and getting your own knee over. Tinder is gender.

a€?At the termination of the night time, no one desires go back home, people wants to remain away but that’ll be in a late bar which opens up till 3am, perhaps not a club. Individuals regularly set pubs at 11pm, and head to clubs, the good news is any pub may a late bar.a€?

For Robbie, The Pink Elephant was actually his first spot around 1980, with Lillie’s in 1992 and Renards in 1993.

It absolutely was in ’09, that Robbie destroyed his shirt when all four of their companies: nightclub Renards, and restaurants Tante Zoe’s, Brown’s Barn and Barracuda, moved into liquidation.

But Robbie points to – the night time the guy opened a temporary latest nightclub The pinkish inside basements of Los Angeles Stampa lodge on Dawson road – since the end.


Everyone turned-out for Robbie – The Corrs, Pat Kenny along with his girlfriend Kathy that has came across during the initial pinkish in addition to Derry Clarke and Conrad Gallagher, the subsequently door Theatre manager Michael Colgan, as well as rock’n’roll aristocrat Lord Henry Mountcharles.

Robbie said: a€?That got the conclusion the nightclub era in Ireland. They all emerged since they have all missed they and need it right back nevertheless was my last hurrah in showbiz.a€?

The former nightclub manager, just who invested their late evenings eyeballing the queues looking to get at night line, thinks the nightclubs is skipped, in addition to their lack has actually led to the scenes in southern area William Street in previous days.

Robbie said: a€?That’s what goes on as soon as you get rid of the nightclub door. As workers, we were in charge of who came in the door.

a€?In Southern William Street, this big outdoor venue with zero safety which allowed anyone to come right into the environment.

a€?South William Street ended up being leftover spacious to your scumbags with multiple containers. That’s the problems with outdoors food and ingesting, positively such a thing sometimes happens. Individually the shops in your neighborhood could not need managed it. The council, the Gardai, every person would need to cope with it along.a€?


But there’s no course bias with Robbie, which began his profession in Ballymun when his mom had gotten him a position as a lounge guy from the Towers club in Ballymun after he leftover college early.

An extended apprenticeship adopted before he launched the legendary Lillie’s Bordello, next established The pinkish Elephant and Renards, Robbie becoming synonymous with celeb partying as he lured a string of international stars through their doors.

So beloved of celebrities was he, whenever he moved chest during 2009, U2 famously name examined your on-stage in Croke Park in with Bono advising the competition: a€?You cannot hold a great people down.a€?

Robbie said: a€?There had been one-night Bono was available in with Sting. They had an excellent night, and it also finished with Bono acquiring picked up outside Renards by their driver… therefore off he goes, I think Bono considered another limousine was Sting’s but it wasn’t.

“So I’m standing up there in my own overcoat looking at Sting whom looks quite destroyed… I mentioned a€?are your okay?’ and Sting claims a€?Yeah but I’m not sure in which I am, or getting to my personal lodge… I’m remaining in the Westbury, where is that?’

a€?So I states to Sting, a€?I’ll go your right up’… so that the next thing i am walking up Nassau Street and Grafton Street with Sting at 3am in the morning… the angry thing is certainly not anyone recognised your.a€?

Robbie recalls tons most big music names that found its way to with Bono, no one out of Ireland also realized they certainly were in the country.


The guy mentioned: a€?I would never ever name brands but from the chatting to another guy who was available in with Bono, and it also ended up being Mick Jagger but nobody recognised him. Our club was actually where Bono came to satisfy they, we kept they hush hush, never ever talked about any of it, and I reckon that’s the reason why Bono held finding its way back.a€?