Here it is possible for users to search profiles and understand how to use Connecting Singles search

Here it is possible for users to search profiles and understand how to use Connecting Singles search

Connecting Singles is a dating platform with a difference because it claims to offer a free service for those who are looking for love. While this might sound great to many, it might not be the best way to meet new people given that anyone can use the service. However, this Connecting Singles service is one that offers more than just dating as it claims to be more of a community than just a dating service. This could mean that some people use the service for the wrong reasons, diluting the number of members who actually want to find love. So, the best thing for users to do could be to understand how does ConnectingSingles work because there is no cost for doing so.

Registratoon Process

Creating a member login is fairly simple in some ways but in comparison to other sites, it could also be considered to be a nuisance. Users are required to provide basic details but there are also essay sections where users have to describe their jobs and themselves all of which can also be done using the app should users choose to register this way. While having a mobile login might seem like a normal part of the process, users will soon realise that registering this way is difficult at best.

Creation of a Profile

Just like many other dating sites, when users create a profile at Connecting Singles, they are required to input as many details as possible. So, when creating a dating profile there are a number of profile questions to answer that are relevant such as your hair colour, eye colour as well as your body type but questions about your job and your income seem irrelevant given that these are things that should not matter as part of the dating process. It is possible for users to amend their details at any time while users can input their match requirements such as the type of person they are looking for as well as their age and a wide variety of other options. Uploading a photo is simple and will be reviewed over a 24 hour period before being accepted if it is suitable.

Pricing Plans

What makes this site stand out is the fact that it is a completely free service which means that there is no premium plan or basic plan but just a simple account that offers a wide range of free features. The free account features are not too bad when compared to other sites but this is a free site so it would be no surprise if legitimate users came across other users who are nothing more than time-wasters.

Search Options

Working out how to search on Connecting Singles is simple as you can carry out an advanced search from the ‘People’ menu located at the top of the page. There is no messaging as part of the search which means that users won’t have to worry about finding out how to message someone on the site but that is a definite negative for the site. However, users can search by username and search mobile users based on a wide range of criteria. The search function works well enough but even then, many of the results that are returned come with no profile picture which means that they should be avoided.

How to Delete an Account

If users decide that they no longer want to use the service then finding out how to cancel their Connecting Singles subscriptions is fairly straight forward. Under profile and Edit Settings, they will find a Cancel Membership option where they will then have to give a number of reasons as to why they want to cancel their membership.

Final Thoughts on ConnectingSingles

While the idea of a free online dating community might appeal to many, there is no doubt that this is a dating service that does not quite fall under the title of a true dating service. Yes, it is possible to meet people but the service is free and that means that it could attract the wrong kind of users. Along with this, the design of the site is not great and it can feel too much like a community with too much irrelevant information such as recipes, poems and videos. When people want to find that perfect match, they want to spend time searching for the right people without having to trawl through masses off pointless information to do so. On the whole, this is a very disappointing service that does not tick the right boxes.