22. Ariana Bonne aˆ“ One Final Time

22. Ariana Bonne aˆ“ One Final Time

If you have successfully defended their union from an other woman attempting to tear it aside, aˆ?the guy Loves your Notaˆ? will be the anthem individually. Its slightly cheesy in the same way it’s obviously a spruce women ripoff complete with the crimped locks and glossy pleather bodysuits with the period, but it’s difficult overcome the sassiness of this words: He’s into just what he is had gotten, and that’s me/the guy loves me, the guy loves you maybe not.

21. Beyonce aˆ“ Irreplaceable

Another standard from king B, aˆ?Irreplaceableaˆ? is an ironic concept since it is exactly about a cheating loser who isn’t. Beyonce doesn’t have qualms telling him going to the doorway. She also rubs only a little well-deserved salt to the wound: i will posses another you by tomorrow/So right previously for a moment get to convinced you are irreplaceable.

You understand you’ll want to allow him go. However, your center are desire one yesterday together where you can imagine that things are ok. And this is what’s taking place in aˆ?One Last opportunity,aˆ? a track that explores an impending break-up using the full-depth and number of Ari’s amazing vocals.

23. Blu Cantrell aˆ“ Hit aˆ?Em Up Style (Oops!)

You might not accept this song by-name, however, if you’re about in early 2000s, its defeat will take your back into days of department stores, chunky trucks and glittery rise-high jeans with beads regarding again. …