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Lady Names of Irish & Celtic Descent

Lady Names of Irish & Celtic Descent

LIST # 1:

Aine a€“ (AW-ne) past Irish: aine a€?brilliance, wit, splendor, magnificence.a€? Aine was actually the daughter of Fer I (guy from the Yew) and queen for the fairies of southern area Munster; had been considered to living at Knockany (Cnoc Aine, a€?Aine’s Hilla€?). Aina, Anne

Airmid a€“ (AIR-mit) child of a doctor Dian Cecht who was the Tuatha De Danann, a specialist when you look at the use of herbs for healing reasons.

Aisling a€“ (AH-shleeng) past Irish= aislinge a€?dream, or eyesight.a€? When one’s term, however now popular female’s title. Also escort in Jersey City = Ashling.

Ana a€“ (AW-ne) Ana, or Anu, Old Irish goddess a.k.a. Dana or Danu, mummy goddess associated with very early settlers of Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan.

Anu a€“ (AW-noo or AN-oo) mommy with the goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, Anu or Ana (AW-nee), the goddess of fertility, cattle, great health, prosperity, and a lot. Anann.

Aoife a€“ (EE-fe) past Irish= Aife,a goddess ways a€?beautiful,or sparkling.a€? …

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