Supplies certainly one of the arguments when which tag was found

Supplies certainly one of the arguments when which tag was found

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The first disagreement was delivered to the basic run into, next disagreement into second run into, and so forth. After most of the arguments is exhausted, the newest tag cycles to your basic argument and you will supplies they once more.

The first iteration produces HTML that identifies category row1 , next to row2 , the 3rd so you’re able to row1 once again, etc each version of your cycle.

You can utilize parameters, as well. Such as for instance, if you have a couple of theme details, rowvalue1 and you may rowvalue2 , you might choice between the values like this:

In some cases you might want to refer to the current value of a cycle without advancing to the next value. To do this, give the <%>tag a name, using “as”, like this:

Then, you might input the current property value brand new duration regardless of where you’d as with your own template by the referencing the fresh duration identity as the an excellent context variable. If you want to disperse the new years to the next really worth by themselves of one’s brand spanking new cycle mark, you should use another years level and indicate title away from the variable. Therefore, next theme:

You need a variety of philosophy during the a period mark, split by the places. …