7 It Was Nothing More Than a LA Affair With Olivia Wilde

7 It Was Nothing More Than a LA Affair With Olivia Wilde

There has been many times when actors and actresses need fallen due to their co-stars, that’s not too shocking taking into consideration the length of time that they spend collectively, each day, for several months on end. But whether this is what happened between Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson, once they was the star in Broadway’s Constellations, continues to be uncertain. That said, these were hearsay of a romance.

Per E! Information, the pair had been to an early morning boot camp class with each other in nyc, when it had been finished they certainly were identified kissing. An onlooker said, aˆ?After the class, Jake lingered from the lobby room as he waited for her to shower and change.” Afterwards revealing, “whenever Ruth arrived on the scene, they kissed one another so long before parting tips. It had been above a peck about lip area between friends. This was a kiss nevertheless, aˆ?we are Online dating.’aˆ?

In Hollywood, often there is most focus close a-listers and whom they spend their own opportunity with, or even if two different people hang out it’s going to bring union rumors. Jake Gyllenhaal and Olivia Wilde were considered happen linked in 2011, but whatever taken place between them got temporary.

The pair started romance rumors if they happened to be noticed acquiring flirty in Los Angeles while enjoying every night out at western Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont.

An eyewitness advised visitors they had come aˆ?touchy-feely,aˆ? hence at one point the guy aˆ?had his give on hers.aˆ? The onlooker also stated, aˆ?Olivia ended up being cool and was not fawning over Jake but seemed to like the focus he was offering the girl.aˆ? But at the end of the evening, they did actually get her individual approaches and romance hearsay soon died straight down.

6 Jake Have Discovered Convenience In Rachel Bilson’s Arms, Shortly

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen had been in an union for a decade. They first started dating in 2007, next turned involved with 2008, and lastly finished her partnership in . But before these eventually chose to part tactics once and for all, at one time in their partnership once they had a brief break. This break took place this year as a result of the issues that point brought about all of them even though they were residing between Canada and California, and relating to BroBible, it actually was in that split that Jake Gyllenhaal generated their action.

Minimal is well known concerning this encounter, but there have been several states saying these people were dating, and another, in particular, stands apart. According to a Hollywood information document (via SFGate), an insider unveiled, aˆ?They’re attempting to hold a decreased visibility nonetheless they’re certainly matchmaking.aˆ?

5 He And Natalie Portman Made An Adorable Set

There’s a lot of interest in women Jake Gyllenhaal dates, therefore looks he’s a thing for highly successful people. He had been reported for had a romance with Natalie Portman at some point between 2002 and 2006, relating to Fox Information. The timeline might be unstable, but regardless of what happened in their romance, those two posses remained friends.

They was the star collectively for the 2009 movie, Brothers. And also in 2011, Gyllenhaal really offered Portman together with the Desert hand success honor, and then he had simply wonderful items to say about her.

He outlined her while the Audrey Hepburn of these generation, and persisted onto record a number of this lady ideal properties, including exactly how she actually is aˆ?graceful, have remarkable eyebrows, and is talented, actually quick, amusing, wise, committed, extremely type and Jewish!”

4 Jake gay iranian chat room Took Jenny Lewis As His Golden World Date

Jake Gyllenhaal and kid actress transformed indie performer, Jenny Lewis, tend to be considered to have actually outdated for less than four weeks way back in 2001, which will create their relationship with Lewis one of is own first high-profile romances. Not much is known regarding their quick encounter, but in accordance with Zimbio, she attended the premiere of his film, Donnie Darko with your.