What Does It Mean To Pivot In Basketball

What is pivoting?

Pivoting is a word used when describing the act of having one foot in place while still moving the other foot in basketball. This is important, especially when a player needs to change his position for a shot or a pass while still dribbling.

As long as the player keeps one foot, he is free to move around and even to rotate. The game progresses on well but if by chance the foot shifts in position and moves from its original spot then it is considered a moving violation.

Why it is essential to pivot

Some players have mastered how to pivot in basketball and are using it to their advantage in basketball games. With the right axis, a player can make it hard for the defender to get back the ball if the offensive player took it.


A player can avoid a call for the ball or a three-second violation and use this to pivot facing the basket, at which point he takes his shot and scores. Pivoting helps the offensive player find an opening on the court to take a shot.

What is a pivot foot?

The pivot foot is the single foot that maintains contact with the court while still having control of the ball. It does not leave the ground unless if you have given the shot up, dribble it or if you are shooting. Unlike the pivot foot, the other foot is free to move around and even rotate. This only applies if it does not alter the position of the pivot foot.

Pivoting rules

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When pivoting with a ball, there are specific rules that should be followed. The player cannot rotate around his pivot foot and is also not allowed to take it off the floor. The pivot foot can’t be changed once it has been decided upon, and the maximum time for holding onto the ball is 5 seconds.