Best Apps You Can Use In Chicago

Best Apps You Can Use In Chicago

These days, different apps are meant for any specific thing you need to do. These are right from those that are used to order food, photographing food to some that are used to create shareable albums of anything that looks best to be shared.

Due to many existing options these days, making a selection of the one to have and the app to be avoided is not as easy as such. Herein are the best apps you can own while in Chicago.



This is a self-proclaimed traveling app that is used not only to track CTA buses and trains but also help an individual for step to step navigation. It features a straightforward interface and comes along with a location-based arrival time that makes it easy to use.

It also features departure reminders and service-disruption notifications to help you stay a step ahead of other commuters. Read on to find out more here today for you.


This is a great app to help you to borrow audiobooks, eBooks, and stream videos right from the Public Library of Chicago right from wherever you are and at any time. This will be successful provided that you own a library card. With this app, you won’t have late fee worries since the titles are returned whenever they are due automatically.



Another great Chicago app that provides users with all exciting and fun facts on different things that they can walk past. It includes several local experts in history, city planning and architecture, and several other fields to allow users to hear all exciting stories of the extraordinary natural landmarks that they usually pass all day long.

Ventra app

This is a must-have app for public transportation users at large. It helps add money to the Ventra Card so that you will avoid all the annoying kiosks on the roads.